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Each client is unique and has their own particular set of facts and circumstances which has affected their lives to the point where the services of an attorney is required. We can’t help a client without understanding all of the facts which brought the client to seek out our legal services.

In this regard, when we meet with a client, the client is afforded every opportunity to discuss their legal matter openly and candidly.

The client should expect to answer a number of questions from us so as to ensure that both the client and the attorney are clear on the facts of the case. Not all matters which require the attention of an attorney are pleasant and clients may think that some facts may be embarrassing to them.

Irrespective of the facts of the case, a client needs to understand that all discussions between an attorney and client are confidential and clients should always expect to be treated in a respectful and professional manner.

Our firm’s policy is to ensure that respect and professionalism are shown to its clients, other lawyers, and judges and are mandatory in every case.

(210) 614-6400


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